Dr. Purino discusses EMG Nerve Conduction Studies and why this test is just as important as an MRI in diagnosing nerve & muscle function & damage.


My name is Dr. Lorraine Purino. I am a general neurologist with a sub-specialty in neuromuscular diseases and EMG. I trained at Wayne State University, where I did my medical school. And my residency was done at the VA Wadsworth at UCLA and I did my EMG neuromuscular fellowship at UCLA. I’ve been in practice for over 20 years, and I am triple boarded in neuromuscular diseases, EMG and neurology. Here in this office we do electromyography and nerve conduction studies or EMG nerve conduction studies. And this is a very important test if we’re looking for diseases of the nerves, such as neuropathy, the muscles or sciatica. Usually it’s ordered when someone has numbness, tingling, pain in their muscles, weakness, and it’s a very simple test. It’s performed with 2 parts. The first part is just little pulses of electricity. The second part a small pin is placed in different muscles in your body. The test doesn’t harm you and it’s a very simple test and we do it all the time. The information that we gain from doing an EMG nerve conduction study is more valuable than just getting an MRI scan because it’s looking at the functioning of your nerves and muscles. If you have any issues such as peripheral neuropathy, muscle diseases or sciatica, please call this office and we’d be happy to do a consult and evaluate you.