Dr. Vincent M. Fortanasce, M.D. Fortanasce & Associates Neurology Center1992 – Prop. 161, Dignified Death Act, V. Fortanasce vs. W. Bostick, M.D., (Former California Medical Association President) 25 appearances and debates including the Senate and Assembly hearing on Stem Cell Research

Prop 161, Dignified Death Act, V. Fortanasce vs. Attorney Michael White (Author of Prop 161)

1993 – Fortanasce vs. Kevorkian and Attorney Fieger, Right to Die vs. Right to Life, Mecklenberg Medical Association of North Carolina

May 1995 – 100 Club. Washington Athletic Club. Is Baseball in Decline?

Town Forum. One-Hour Debate with Geoffrey Fieger and Schwartz, Jack Kevorkian’s Lawyers.

Debate: Claremont College, Warren Boswick, M.D., Former California Medical Association President, Prop 161

February 14, 1996 – The Fred Friendly Seminars, Panel Member, Managed Care in America

October, 1992 – Medical Association President and Endorser of Prop 161, Ballot vs. V. Fortanasce, et. al

Death with Dignity Open Forum, Pasadena, First Church of the Nazarene, V. Fortanasce, M.D.

Life and Death, Islamic Center, Los Angeles, Video, V. Fortanasce, M.D.

January 1999 – Los Angeles Archdiocese Life Conference, Euthanasia

September 1999 – Boy Scouts of America, Western Convention Keynote Speaker. Youth in America – Character and Courage

March 2000 – Cardinal Mindezenti Foundation – Keynote Speaker, Anaheim Sheraton Hotel

October 2000 – AB1592 Aid in Dying. Assemblywoman Arover vs. California Medical Association, V. Fortanasce, M.D.

October 2000 – National Disabilities Association Meeting, Anaheim, California, Supreme Court and Wendland

October 2001 – Legatus Conference, St. Paul, Minnesota, Stem
Cell Research

November 2001 – Member Senate District Medical Advisory

2004-2006 – 25 Debates on Stem Cell Research and Medicine.

July 26, 2014Eugenics and Ethics Conference, Los Angeles, CA
Registration News Article

July 30, 2014 – Eugenics conference speakers urge Catholics to become enlightened on threats to life and human dignity.