“I’m so glad my husband and I come to Dr. Fortanasce and he has made all my visits to other doctors less scary. I tell them one joke and they laugh and it makes me feel good to be there. I just have a lot of confidence in Dr. Fortanasce, in his expertise and medical knowledge. He also had a really nice tie on today.”

-Sylvia Duerr 5/27/2015

“I suffered for one and half years with terrible pain and burning dry mouth. I saw 7 specialists for it without any relief. Dr. Fortanasce spent time with me listening. He discussed that it was the medication given to me by other doctors that was causing the problem. One week later I was a new person. Dr. Fortanasce is a doctor that listens and cares.”

Cecil Silva

“I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your medical series on avoiding Alzheimer’s disease. I must confess that I was concerned as I approach my old age, that I did not want to become a burden on others, and lose my mental faculties . . . Your tips on Alzheimer’s have guided us in several life changes, especially in food selections . . . However you went so much further than just to discuss Alzheimer’s in your lecture series.

You introduced the subject of cancer, back surgery, joint replacement and the like. Never have I, in an hour or so, become so well informed on these subjects. At the risk of sounding overly complimentary, your program is fabulous. I have never before been given so much information, discussed in an understandable (non-medical) way.”

J. William Stinde

“We would like to extend our appreciation and thanks for your moving and emotional Alzheimer’s presentation at the Live Oak Community Center in Temple City. Many of our Delta Kappa Gamma members, family, and friends are now attending your Tuesday night DEAR lectures and finding your books extremely helpful in working toward good health and Alzheimer’s disease prevention. We share in the passion of your work!”

-Wanda Wong, Delta Kappa Gamma, Alpha Delta Chapter

“Dear Dr. Fortanasce and Staff,

From my family and me personally, a big sincere thank you for all the good care you gave to me. Words can never express my appreciation that I have better health today, can get around and I’m able to drive. I especially enjoyed the D.E.A.R. meetings. Thank you that I have my life back. You folks are the greatest and I love you for your efforts.

Thank you thank you,”

-Dale Swiatek

“My mother-in-law had a minor stroke which she apparently recovered about 98% of her functionality. However the attending Neurologist at the HMO she has been going to for years, diagnosed her with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) because she failed one of the cognition tests (drawing a clock). We thought my mother-in-law was headed down the path towards Alzheimer’s.

We took her in to see Dr. Fortanasce for a 2nd opinion. Dr. Fortanasce conducted a thorough examination included a detailed memory test. It turns out my mother-in-law does not have MCI as her memory is quite good for an 88 year old woman. Dr. Fortanasce said the minor stroke simply affected my mother-in-law’s spatial drawing skill in a specific part of her brain but did not affect her memory. This was wonderful news to the family. We are extremely grateful there are great Doctors like Dr. Fortanasce who still take the time to do a proper diagnosis combined with 38 years of experience.”

Toni Pinckert

“Thanks to Dr. Vince and staff for all your help to get me back to the job I love.  I could not have done it without your help.”

Thanks, Capt. Alan Arakelian – American Airlines

“This is only my second visit, but I was very comfortable with Dr. Fortanasce at my first visit.  He explained the EMG at the time he was conducting it and was telling me what he was finding at each step.  I had one less than two years ago and nothing was explained by the doctor doing the test.  I was told at a later day by my GP that I may have carpel tunnel syndrome.  Now I know that I do and the serious ramification if I ignore it.  I am taking care of that on 11/5/14.  Thank you doctor.”

Stephanie Booker

“I am very happy with Dr. Fortanasce’s care and treatment.  He is a very kind and compassionate doctor who listens well to his patients and looks to cure his patients by providing them with a healthy lifestyle.  He clearly has the best interests of his patients as his top priority.”

Alan A. Carrico

“Excellent!!!  There’s no other place that I’d rather be.  The most caring attention of Doctors and staff that I have been to in a very long time.  Five stars all the way in their service and educational programs.  They treat the whole person, not just the symptom.”

Robin Clarke

“The Vincent M. Fortanasce, MD Clinic, including the staff members are courteous, friendly and assistive to all of the patient’s needs.  Dr. Fortanasce goes the extra mile to remedy and cure the respective patient’s complaints and needs.  The quality of care at The Fortanasce Clinic is unparalleled.  They are the very best!”

David Armijo

“Always great service.  The front office is always on top of their game.  Dr. Fortanasce and his partners make sure to be very detailed when telling a patient about their diagnosis.  Dr. Fortanasce always reassures that there is hope for the patient to get better, it really makes us as patients know that we are in good hands.”

Eddie A. Lopez

“I have been a patient for a number of years and have the utmost confidence in the doctor and his staff.  They’re friendly and very helpful diagnosing my problems and offering solutions.  If my insurance and medicare suggested I changed doctors because they didn’t cover, I would flat our refuse as they have my total confidence.”

Gerald Luxenburg