(L to R) Dr. Fortanasce & Dr. Purino

(L to R) Dr. Fortanasce & Dr. Purino

The Doctors at the Purino Fortanasce Neurology Center are interested not only in the health of your brain, but also your body and spirit. The good news is that many Americans reaching 65 today have an average life expectancy of an additional two decades. By the year 2050, an estimated 40 percent of 65-year-olds are likely to reach age 90. Modern medicine has overwhelmingly succeeded in increasing the longevity of our bodies.

The bad news is even the latest medical breakthroughs have failed in increasing the longevity of our brains or reversing its decline. Despite the hype in the news media, the American Academy of Neurology says that there is not one drug or treatment to stop brain aging, particularly Alzheimer’s disease, despite the billions of dollars that are being spent to develop new medications.

So, what’s the point of increased lifespan if you no longer have a healthy mind, especially if you’re relegated to spending your last years alone and forgotten in a nursing home as are 70% of those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s?

While modern medicine is well regarded for developing powerful new drugs to prevent and reverse chronic health problems, it’s becoming quite clear in recent years that diet and lifestyle habits might be more effective-and much safer.

We want to show you how taking care of yourself today will keep your brain sharp and you independent for the rest of your life. We want you to learn how to recognize the harmful behaviors that are a threat to your brain, causing it to prematurely age before its time, and how to change those behaviors. We want you to learn the 4 steps of our pioneering research which we call the D.E.A.R. Program which includes dietary changes, exercises that build brawn and brain, neurobics or brain boosters, and relaxation techniques that will decrease the chances that you’ll get Alzheimer’s as well as other neurological diseases.

Welcome to the Doctors at the Purino Fortanasce Neurology Center.

Vincent Fortanasce, MD

M. Lorraine Purino, MD