We have all heard of Watergate, Enron, now we have Fatgate. The FDA, back in 1970 after reviewing the Framingham study which connected fat to heart disease, began the lie. It stated that all fat should be eliminated and carbohydrates should be substituted. We were told that carbohydrates are the good guys of food. If we eat a lot the world should be a better place. With the FDA lead us to believe that there should be no heart disease, no obesity, and a decrease in cancer and many other diseases.

Under the FDA’s titanic pyramid in which 80% of carbohydrates was recommended and decreasing fats to 5% and protein to maybe 15%. Breads, pastas, cereals, and all other refined sugars were eaten like there was no tomorrow.

What occurred was not a decrease in obesity, in fact, in the past 30 years childhood obesity has tripled. Adults 50 years of age and older, over 60% are regarded as fat. In fact, the AMA has turned around and said that doctors who have been advocating such high carbohydrate diets, 64% of them are overweight or obese. The conclusion is simple, high carbohydrates, low fat diets appears to be dangerous to our health.

In fact, we now know that high carbohydrate foods increase the amount of fats in the body and actually prevent it from being used. Carbohydrates peak insulin, which essentially is a storage hormone causing glucose to be stored in the body as fat. In fact, insulin not only causes storage, but prevents the release of these storages of fat for use. Instead, the body will use the glucogen and protein.

Excessive carbohydrates, like has been recommended by the FDA, is without a doubt the cause for the fat epidemic. In 2008, the number of obese people has gone to 25.6%. Obesity is defined as a woman’s waist of 35 or greater or a man’s waist of 40 or greater. It is also now apparent that it is actually waist size, abdominal obesity, which is most related to coronary artery disease. Low calories, high carbohydrate diets generate a series of biochemical signals that throw your body in disarray.

Most people think that weight loss is a matter of willpower. It is not. It is actually a matter of being informed. Also, a matter of turning on certain hormones that will decrease your appetite and turning off those that will increase your appetite. Now we know it is simple. Carbohydrates turn on weight gain and many facts, especially the Omega III and Omega 9 turn off ones appetite. Carbohydrates stimulate a hormone called grheherlin that actually causes carbohydrate craving. Fats and proteins stimulate a hormone called leptin, which, in fact, increases one sense of satie or fullness.

The answer is simple. We must decrease the number of carbohydrates and this means not only refined sugars, such as candy, white bread, cereals, but also that of fruits and vegetables, though the latter are not as dangerous. They too, however, are, in fact, carbohydrates. They may not cause insulin peaking, but they do increase the overall carbohydrate content, which can be stored in one of three ways; first in the muscles which 400-600gm can be stored enough for 10-12 hours, or in the liver with glycogen which may last a day or two. However, the majority of the glucose or carbohydrates will be stored as fat, often abdominal fat.

The DEAR Program and harmonic diet give the answer to weight loss and controlling insulin peaking, which we have now found is probably one of the major causes for Alzheimer’s disease. Insulin peaking not only decreases the sensitivity of the insulin receptor sites that would decrease glucose, but also it interferes with an enzyme called insulin deleting enzyme that is most important for deleting beta amyloid, the protenitious substance that is so destructive to the nerve cells and their connections called dendrites.

The harmonic diet tells us to bond glucose with an equal amount of protein and fat. The fat should be Omega II and Omega 9, oils, and fish.

In addition, we have found that exercises just prior to eating will stimulate leptin, also increase ACTH, which will suppress ones appetite. By eating slowly, especially protein and fat first stimulates leptin and also the stomach receptors which tell the brain that the body is full and does not need any more food. Yes, by eating slowly and by eating fat and protein first, one will actually lose weight. Another fat is that we now know that those individuals who eat bread and get a carbohydrate rush and insulin peaking will eat 20-30% more of their meal and 3 or 4 times the likelihood of ordering a dessert.

Yes, in fact, combining the right foods, and that is always taking carbohydrates with protein and fat, will in fact cause us to eat less, have less likelihood of increasing our insulin, which will cause fat storage, and, in fact, decrease the likelihood that we can even use that for our energy. Remember it is fat that is our store for starvation. Today there is little fear that we are going to starve. There is a great likelihood that we will develop coronary artery disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and the most dreaded of all Alzheimer’s disease if we continue the FDA carbohydrate lie.