Dr. Fortanasce - The Anti-Alzheimer's Prescription

Dr. Fortanasce – The Anti-Alzheimer’s Prescription

Have you ever had a friend of loved one with Alzheimer’s disease?

One of my most cherished memories was leaving the hospital one evening at 10 pm. My mother was with my father who had just had cardiac surgery. She stated that she was going to stay overnight there. As I left, she was holding his hand. The next morning, before making rounds, I stopped at the hospital to find my mother still there, fast asleep, still holding his hand, and her head rested against it.

Another memory seared in my mind is one in which my mother (Rose) called me from New York frantic saying, “Please talk to your dad”. In the back I could hear my father yelling, “What did you do with Rose? You are not her”. At that moment, our family was never the same. I could touch my father, but I was never able to reach him again.

If you live long enough, 50% will get Alzheimer’s disease and 70% of those will spend the last seven years of their life alone in a nursing home. There is an epidemic of Alzheimer’s disease. A twenty-four fold increase in those under 65 and tenfold increase in those over 65 since 1950.

Do you know women are twice as likely to get Alzheimer’s disease? That a waist size of 35 or more for women is associated with a 300% increase in Alzheimer’s disease.

You do not have to be a statistic.

A question to ask ones-self is why is there an epidemic when since 1950s our standard of living has tripled and medicine has made more advances in the past 50 years then in the past 2500.

The answer is simple. It is our SAD lifestyle. S stands for sleepless, sedentary, and stressful. A for aging, and D for diet.

Can something be done? Yes, 70% of Alzheimer’s disease can be avoided and 30% with genetic predisposition it can be delayed.

How? First, taking care of the risk factors. Second, in using the four-step DEAR method. DEAR method is based on a harmonic symphony analogy.

D for diet, harmonic diet. It tells not only what to eat, but what proportions; that is, carbohydrates, protein, and fat and then in what order they should be eaten in the meal. A 28-day diet is given, foods include vegetables (the greener the better), grains, whole grains, protein; fish, salmon, poultry, and buffalo meat. Berries (the bluer the better).

At restaurants I recommend a salad with oil or Balsamic vinegar, or a meat or cheese appetizer. Second, fish or poultry for an entree with broccoli. For dessert, I say either desert the table and go for a mild walk or eat berries.

E for exercise. Braun builds brain. The slow burn exercises first increases brain cells, second increases youth hormones, and decreases aging hormone, third decreases stress, and fourth prevents joint injury. It is revolutionary and very easy to learn.

A stands for accentuating the brains reserve. New bridge building is based on novelty, reception, and delivery. Remember it requires using our successors and cognition or e-mail; that is E for executive function, M for memory, A for attention, I for intellectual activity, and L for language. Remember when teaching a child you first tell them, then show them, and then have them do it. Practice makes perfect.

R is for rest and relaxation. This takes care of the sentinel risk factors; sleep and stressfulness. Give a PPA plan; that is prepare, prioritize, and act. Sleep is so important to increase the dopamine and serotonin.

You have only one mind to live. Without it, it is not a life worth living. Alzheimer’s disease can be prevented. It is up to you.