Alzheimer’s – A fate worse than death!

  • Alzheimer’s disease is the 6th leading cause of death in the USA and it is increasing exponentially.
  • Alzheimer’s is a tragic epidemic that currently has no survivors.
  • Alzheimer’s is the only cause of death among the top 10 without a cure.
  • 30% of us carry the Alzheimer’s gene (genetic predisposition).
  • 40% of the 78 million Baby Boomers will eventually develop Alzheimer’s.
  • 50% of all US households will have a close relative or friend suffering from Alzheimer’s.
  • 70% of patients with Alzheimer’s will be in nursing homes within 2 years of diagnosis and will remain there for an average of 7 years before death.

(Sources: Alzheimer’s Association, American Academy of Neurology, & The Anti-Alzheimer’s Prescription)

Alzheimer’s – The Emerging 21st Century Global Epidemic

  • Deaths from Alzheimer’s increased 68% between 2000 and 2010 in the USA, while deaths from other major diseases (Heart Disease, Stroke, HIV, Breast Cancer, & Prostrate Cancer) actually declined.
  • Direct medical costs of treating dementia were $109 billion in 2010, higher than heart disease at $102 billion and substantially greater than cancer at $77 billion. (New England Journal of Medicine – April 2013)
  • 4% of the general population will be in a nursing home by age 80. But for people with Alzheimer’s, 75% will be admitted to a nursing home by age 80.
  • Medicaid spending on seniors with Alzheimer’s is 9 times higher.
  • People with Alzheimer’s have 3 times as many hospital stays.
  • In the last 100 years, science has increased life span 35 years (we are living longer) but brain span has not increased a single day.
  • Many times the spouse tragically ends up dying first before the person with Alzheimer’s. Why? Because of the tremendous emotional, physical, & financial load on the spouse who becomes the caregiver.
  • Research shows that Alzheimer’s actually starts 20 years before any symptoms present, meaning it is crucial to detect and treat as early as possible.
  • Alzheimer’s research is severely underfunded (the “step-child” of medical research): “. . . we spend $5.6 billion/yr. funding cancer studies, $1 billion/yr. for heart disease and only $500 million to study Alzheimer’s, yet what is going to get most of us in the next few years is Alzheimer’s.”

(Sources: Time – “Alzheimer’s Unlocked”, Oct 2010; Alzheimer’s Association; American Academy of Neurology; & The Anti-Alzheimer’s Prescription)

Solution – The Anti-Alzheimer’s Prescription by Dr. Vincent Fortanasce:

  • Researchers believe that treatments to slow or stop the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and preserve brain function will be most effective when administered early in the course of disease.
  • The brain changes in individuals with Alzheimer’s are thought to begin 10 years or more before such symptoms as memory loss appear.
  • “The Anti-Alzheimer’s Prescription is a unique scientifically substantiated, patient tested program for lowering a person’s risk of Alzheimer’s.”
  • “Alzheimer’s disease is within our control and the overall risk can be reduced up to 70%.”
  • “The 30% of the population with a genetic predisposition can use our treatment programs and delay Alzheimer’s onset 10-15 years.”
  • “Alzheimer’s risk can be lowered for many people and delayed for genetically predisposed, thereby increasing longevity and quality of life.”
  • Medical science to date has focused on everything from the neck down. Today the great new frontier of medical research is the exploration of the brain. We have already learned that what is good for the brain is great for the rest of the body.